Do not play Pokemon Go on shoulder of the road


Since Pokemon Go debuted in 2016, there has been controversy surrounding the game, most notably folks who played the game while operating a vehicle.

Many law enforcement agencies have issued the warning of playing Pokemon Go while driving – for obvious reasons as driving is one of those skills where a motorist needs to give their full attention to the road. The game itself even has a warning if it feels a trainer is moving at a fast pace.

The warnings and potential dangers have not stopped folks from playing Pokemon Go from their vehicle and some have even found a loophole around the matter.

Washington State Troopers recently found a driver playing Go on the side of the road of a busy highway on Aug. 13 near Sea-Tac Airport.

According to a report from Komo News, Trooper Rick Johnson noted a patrol sergeant witnessed a vehicle pulled over on the shoulder of a roadway. When the trooper made contact, they found a man playing Go on eight mobile devices. The driver was not operating the vehicle while playing – but the sergeant did request the motorist to store his devices and continue driving.

As the report states, parking on the shoulder of the road is only for emergencies . I have had to pull over in order to change a flat tire – and sure enough, I received help from a Washington State Trooper during the incident.

Folks also pull over if they experienced problems like an overheated battery or something that causes a vehicle to improperly operate on the highway.

Pokemon Go is not one of these issues and drivers should refrain from playing the game in their car, even if they are not operating the vehicle. And by no circumstances, should a driver use the shoulder to pass other vehicles.

Drivers may think that pulling on the shoulder of the road, even for a minute to boot up Go is harmless, but troopers can respond pretty quickly to a vehicle pulled to the side because they believe the vehicle owner needs help.

It can also affect the flow of traffic. As I have learned during my reporter days where I had to cover roadside fires and vehicular accidents, pulled onto the shoulder of the road and trying to get back on a busy highway is no easy task.

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Trainers, Pokemon Go is a great game and this summer has brought numerous events and special Pokemon. Yet, that doesn’t mean we have to play it all of the time, especially in a vehicle. It’s fine to pull over on a side street, or in a parking lot to get out and visit a Pokestop or gym, but don’t drive while playing a game.

Pokemon is great, but what is more important is a trainer’s safety.