How to take Pokemon Center Pokemon personality quiz


Trainers can probably find numerous Pokemon personality quizzes all over the Internet, including one from the Pokemon Center dubbed the “That’s Why We Choose You” test.

Like any company, the Pokemon Center specialty store in Japan has an interesting way when it comes to hiring employees. The attitude the company has toward workers is that everyone works like a team.

The company’s recruitment page has an interesting motto way of phrasing this: “There are currently over 800 species of Pokémon. All of them have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, but they all get along with each other.”

The “That’s Why We Choose You” test is a quiz that tells prospective employees which species of Pokemon their personality lines up with. Trainers can take the quiz by following the link.

Note, the quiz is in Japanese and attempts to translate it into English haven’t gone well. However, Sora News 24 has come to the aid of trainers whose first language is not Japanese translated the quiz.

The agency notes that the four blue boxes on each page are the answer choices for each question.

  • The top left is Yes
  • The top right is No
  • The bottom left is “Sort of Yes”
  • The bottom right is “Sort of No.”

Now that you have the answer options, here are the questions for the quiz.

  • 1. Do you like looking at data and numbers?
  • 2. If you’re going to do something, do you do a lot of preparation ahead of time?
  • 3. Do you get irritated by people with a laid-back attitude?
  • 4. Do you like thinking deeply about things?
  • 5. Do you take action instead of spending a long time thinking first?
  • 6. If you’re talking about something, do you start by saying your conclusion?
  • 7. Do people often say you’re cold or unfriendly?
  • 8. Do you hate doing useless, ineffective things?
  • 9. Are you a passive-minded person?
  • 10. Can you do anything, if it’s for the sake of others?
  • 11. Do people often say you’re kind?
  • 12. Do you always try to consider what the people around you are feeling before you take action?
  • 13. Do you take the initiative to have active conversations with people you’re meeting for the first time?
  • 14. Without realizing it, do you become the center of attention in conversations?
  • 15. Do people often say you’re cheerful?
  • 16. Do your emotions easily show in your facial expression?

Trainers should copy the answer choices and the questions into a word document and keep it open while they take the quiz.

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The quiz results are in Japanese as well, however there is a picture of the Pokemon. Sora News 24 has been able to uncover 20 different results for each Pokemon. When I took the quiz, I got Diglet, which Sora 24 notes ““You’re determined to see your convictions through! Don’t forget to pop you head up and check in with everyone else now and again!” These types of quizzes are always fun to take, especially when it revolves around the Pokemon franchise.