Madden 20: Four teams to rebuild in Connected Franchise

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Tennessee Titans (81 OVR, 82 DEF, 78 OFF)

The Titans are ranked in the bottom half of Madden 20’s team ratings, but they aren’t nearly at the level of the Giants or Dolphins. They’ve got talent in TE Delanie Walker (92 OVR), FS Kevin Byard (89 OVR) and RE Jurrell Casey (86 OVR). They are a very solid, average team, led by a quarterback who has been very mediocre, despite tons of hype.

Is Marcus Mariota the quarterback of the future for the Titans? This is probably the toughest decision you’ll have to make as GM of this team in Madden 20. If he is, you’ll have to figure out a way to reach that potential; it’s not like he doesn’t have weapons around him. Perhaps a solid No. 1 WR would help. Delanie Walker, despite being the best-rated player on the team, is also 34-years-old, so you’re going to have to find a replacement for him.

The Titans are in a weird place where they aren’t quite ready to win now but also aren’t in complete rebuild mode either. Age is starting to catch up with them. Do you blow it all up and start from scratch? Who are their young studs to build around?

Assuming control of the Titans will require a serious roster evaluation and deciding who to keep and who to let walk or trade. Their needs aren’t necessarily as glaring as the Dolphins or Giants, and finding where to improve to capitalize on their aging talent now will prove difficult.

The Titans aren’t the flashiest team and that shows with the lack of big-named superstars on their team. Your job will be to find stars and make the team relevant.