Madden 20: Four teams to rebuild in Connected Franchise

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Miami Dolphins (74 OVR,  72 DEF, 69 OFF)

Okay, so it just so happens that our first suggestion is the worst-rated team in Madden 20. The Miami Dolphins are the definition of “rebuild.” right now. Year after year of middling records forced the ownerships hand and they’ve finally begun the rebuilding process.

Ryan Tannehill is gone after years of questioning whether he is a legitimate leader worthy of starting at quarterback. While his stats were never terrible, they weren’t exactly jaw-dropping either.

Everyone knows with no quarterback, you don’t really have a team; so the rebuild process starts there. Quarterbacks are the stars of the football field and the face of a franchise. Heck, there’s an entire mode in Madden 20 dedicated to the position. As such, any team in need of a quarterback is a fun one to play as in CFM. Determining talent at the position is no easy task, as we’ve seen in real life, so finding one to lead the Dolphins should be a fun challenge. And don’t worry if you strike out on your first attempt, the Dolphins haven’t been able to find a suitable replacement for Dan Marino since he retired in 2000.

Quarterback isn’t the only position that you’ll have to draft for, though. While the Dolphins have some young talent, there are essentially openings at every position. Kenny Stills leads an unimpressive wide receiving corp that includes Devante Parker, who has failed to live up to his draft hype.

Their offensive and defensive line need help. Their linebackers are either unproven or injury risks. Listen, there’s a reason the Dolphins are the worst-rated team in Madden 20. The QB situation is just one of the issues though; it’ll be up to you to identify the rest.