Madden 20: Four teams to rebuild in Connected Franchise

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Madden 20 hasn’t made significant improvements to Connected Franchise mode, but it remains one of the game’s most popular options. Here are some teams worthy of rebuilding.

A new season of football is upon us with the August 2 release of Madden 20 right around the corner (or available now for EA/Origin Access). And after another exciting offseason, the landscape around the NFL is looking much different.

Teams like the Chicago Bears and Baltimore Ravens – both of which were on our list of Madden 19 teams to rebuild in Connected Franchise – are now playoff contenders. The Cleveland Browns, with a roster that now includes superstars Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt plus Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry and Myles Garrett, are no longer the laughing stock of the NFL. But there are still plenty of teams around the league who remain in a rebuilding phase.

Taking a team from the cellar to the top of the division isn’t easy. But with Madden 20 now out in early access for EA and Origin Access members, fans can finally begin the process of turning their favorite franchise into a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Or there are teams on the cusp greatness, like the Dallas Cowboys, who seemingly are almost always favorites heading into the year but fail to live up to expectations. The Cowboys reached the playoffs last year but lost in the Divisional round to the eventual Super Bowl runner-ups Los Angeles Rams. The Cowboys aren’t necessarily in “rebuild” mode but with their window closing, controlling them in CFM and finding those last few pieces could prove exciting.

This list isn’t so much about finding the lowest-rated teams in Madden 20. It’s about looking through the roster and analyzing it for young talent that can be fun to build around. Or taking a contender and find those missing pieces to push them past that last hurdle.

Here are our suggestions for the five most intriguing teams to rebuild in Madden 20 Connected Franchise.