Pokemon Go: Ralts announced for August Community Day


It did not take long for Pokemon Go trainers to learn information about the next Community Day.

Pokemon Go developers announced that Ralts would be the featured Pokemon for the upcoming Community Day, which is scheduled for Aug. 3 from 4-7 p.m.

This is an interesting move on Niantic’s part in that usually Community Day events are far a part from each other. It might be developers don’t want to interfere with the upcoming Go Fest Yokohama, which will take place in mid-August.

Ralts was introduced in Generation III along with its evolution forms Kirlia and Gardevoir. An additional evolutionary form for Ralts was introduced in Generation IV with Gallade. To get Gallade, the Ralts had to be male and trainers needed to evolve it with a Dawn Stone.

For Pokemon Go, trainers need to use a Shinnoh Stone, along with having 100 candy.
This part may be difficult for trainers who don’t have a Shinnoh Stone on them during Community Day.

It was a similar situation when Swinub was the featured Community Day Pokemon earlier this year and trainers needed a Shinnoh Stone to evolve it to its final form. Developers gave five Shinnoh Stones to trainers who participated in PVP battles, so this may be a reward Niantic does once again.

Like all Community Day events, trainers will have an opportunity to catch a shiny Ralts and evolve it. Developers have not announced Ralts’ featured move for Community Day. Lures will last for three hours and eggs will hatch four times as quickly, which is great for trainers who have Field Research quests that require them to hatch eggs.

What makes Ralts a good choice is that trainers can spend more time catching Pokemon as they are acquiring candy for both Gardevoir and Gallade. I already have a Gardevoir on my team and I have another Kirlia on standby and plan on evolving it to Gallade.

I do have a personal bias in this. Gardevoir is one of my favorite Pokemon and was one of my staples for my Hoenn Team in Pokemon Omega Ruby, so I’m excited to see Ralts get a Community Day spotlight.

The later start time is an interesting choice for developers. The July Community Day was held from 4-7 p.m. in an attempt to accommodate folks who are unable to stay out in the hot temperatures.

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While there was plenty of sunlight on my side of the globe, it was still hot and dry. Hopefully August temperatures will cool down a little bit, especially since trainers have a different reasons to max out all three hours during Community Day. Temperatures aside, the Pokemon Go August Community Day is gearing up to be an exciting event with its inclusion of Ralts and the bonuses that go along with it.