Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 adds Twisted Fate and Ranked, addresses RNG

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Champion and Item balance changes

Champion balance highlights

As with all patches, champion and item changes are expected. And patch 9.14 – with TFT being so early in its life – has a ton of them. It’s honestly far too many adjustments to list them all, but here are some highlights.

Elise has had her cost reduced to 1g, making her a bit more viable for what she offers. The lower cost, however, means she’s beens lightly nerfed. Early on, she’ll only spawn 1/2 spiderlings; however, they now benefit from the Demon Origin effect.

Volibear, who is already considered a strong Glacial champion, has been buffed. His attack speed (.55 to .65), health (650 to 700), and lightning attack damage ratio (60-100% to 80-100%) have all been increased, while his mana cost has decreased (100 to 75). Volibear is one of my favorite characters in the game and can be super strong with the right items already. I look forward to seeing these buffs in action.

Draven received a necessary attack speed nerf (.85 to .75). Gnar has also been nerfed with his health (850 to 750) and armor (35 to 30) decreased. Both of these champions are really strong late game, making them very popular picks and purchases. They needed to be nerfed. Gnar’s nerf could also impact the effectiveness of a Yordle team comp as he’s the primary tank.

Item balance highlights

You know those changes to attack speed? Well, Guinsoo’s Rageblade could offset that as its attack speed per attack has been increased from 3% to 4%.

Guardian Angel has also been buffed and now has less of a delay on revive (now only 2 seconds). It also restores 1,000 health instead of 500. In other words, it’s actually somewhat useful now.

Statikk Shiv has been reworked to always hit three additional targets instead of all champions in the frontal cone. It also activates a maximum of one time per launch attack. Warmog’s has also been reworked to regenerate 6% of a character’s missing HP instead of 3% of the max HP.

Just about every champion and item in the game has been adjusted or changed in some shape or form, so head over to the patch notes for the full change-log.