Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 adds Twisted Fate and Ranked, addresses RNG

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Team Traits and synergies: Elementalist nerfed; Wild buffed; Glacial and Yordle ignored

Team traits, or synergy bonuses provided when you have a certain amount of the same type of character, have been adjusted; some more than others.

The Elementalist team comp, which is viewed currently as being overpowered, has had its Golem nerfed. The health has been decreased by 500 (from 3000 to 2500) and its attack damage decreased by 100 (from 200 to 100). I think we can all agree this was needed.

Wild has received a buff, which should help its characters scale late game. The attack speed per stack has been increased from 7% to 8%. This probably means we’ll see even more Warwick/Nidalee duos early on and even into the later stages. As a fan of the Wild characters, I’m very pleased with this.

Interestingly, Glacial and Yordle teams were left alone. This is a bit of a head-scratcher, in my opinion. Just last night I won with a full 6-character Yordle team comp, which provided a 60% chance to miss bonus when attacking all Yordles. Combined with a Ahri that also provided a Sorcerer perk, this team was super overpowered. Similarly, Glacial, with its 30% (4) or 45% (6) chance to stun is ridiculously annoying.

Sure, it can be argued that committing to these builds and getting the full six character requirement can be difficult; but, if you successfully do so, it’s hard to stop. Do you think Glacial or Yordle needed a nerf?