Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 adds Twisted Fate and Ranked, addresses RNG

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A poor attempt to fix RNG

Riot Games has already acknowledged that the RNG in Teamfight Tactics was not in a good place. Patch 9.14 attempts to fix this; but, the general consensus is that it still has issues.

With the patch, the PvE rounds will guarantee that you get at least some compensation for successfully defeating the minions, monsters, or epics. But it still won’t be a guaranteed item. As the patch notes state:

"In the event that you do not get an item during a PvE round, one of the minions, monsters, or epic monsters will now drop gold instead."

I mentioned Riot “attempted” to fix RNG in Teamfight Tactics because this changes doesn’t really fix it. Sure, some extra gold could help with re-rolls or purchasing XP to get another champion on the board early on, but it won’t offset a hypercarry with a full item build.

The fact is, items are one of the most important aspects of Teamfight Tactics – if not the most important. They make a huge difference and giving some extra gold in lieu of an item isn’t going to help offset the imbalance. If you ask the majority of players if they’d rather have gold or an item, I can guarantee everyone will say an item. It doesn’t matter what item is dropped; most players want something.

Riot has already stated RNG is here to stay because they think it’s good for the game int he long term and prevents it from getting stale. But right now it’s a problem and this change won’t fix it.  It doesn’t properly address the unfair imbalance when someone gets a BF Sword and another person gets a handful of gold.

Just give everyone a randomized item, like the community has clamored for.