Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 adds Twisted Fate and Ranked, addresses RNG

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Teamfight Tactics - Twisted Fate
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Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14 arrives, introducing Twisted Fate, Ranked play and addressing the RNG. Here are the biggest changes from the patch notes.

The eagerly awaited patch 9.14 for Teamfight Tactics releases today and with it comes some much-needed balancing changes, along with the highly anticipated ranked system and a new champion, Twisted Fate.

Before we get to everything new in the update, it should be noted that Riot has plans to update Teamfight Tactics regularly, with patch notes coming almost every week.

"For those accustomed to League of Legends’ schedule, note that TFT will be patching in a weekly cadence, split between the regularly scheduled League of Legends patch with larger changes and a B-side one on the second week of that patch limited to balance changes and emergent bugfixes."

With that out of the way, here are some of the big highlights from Teamfight Tactics patch 9.14.

Teamfight Tactics - Twisted Fate
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Twisted Fate warps to Convergence

Twisted Fate is the first new champion to release in Teamfight Tactics post-launch. The Card Master adds another option for Pirate or Sorcerer builds.

The addition of Twisted Fate, who costs just 2g, should make it easier to form a Pirate team (three pirates required) earlier on in the game and receive that additional gold bonus. With three Pirates needed to unlock the perk, it shouldn’t be too hard to get Graves, Pyke or Gangplank early on.

Twisted Fate is also classified as a Sorcerer, which means there are now eight of them in the game. Like the Pirate team comp, Twisted Fate should also make it easier to collected 3 sorcerers earlier in the game and get that +35% Spell Damage. It also gives you more flexibility when trying to collect six Sorcerers for the max +100% Spell Damage.

Twisted Fate comes with the Pick a Card ability, which adds even more RNG to the game. Like his ability in League of Legends, Twisted Fate will throw a card that will have a random effect: Gold stuns; Red deals damage around his target; and Blue restores mana to himself and nearby allies.

It sounds like Twisted Fate can be an incredibly powerful champion if the right card is drawn. He can serve as a damage dealer or even support character, with his mana regeneration or stun. But it all depends on the luck of the card. You are playing a game of chance with him, so let’s hope he pulls the right card when the game is on the line. Nothing like adding more RNG in the form of a character during a patch that aims to address RNG.

Twisted Fate’s stats can be viewed here.