10 video games that would make great Netflix animated series

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No More Heroes

There is possibly no more absurd setting for a game, much less a show that the No More Heroes series. But the fact that it fully leans into its premise so hard with a bunch of meta-commentary on anime, video games, pop culture, wannabe otakus and so much more is what makes it work so well. That easily translates into a wholly absurdist and over the top animated series with a penchant for the extreme violence that would be right at home on Netflix.

The basic premise itself would be absurd enough, with jerkass protagonist Travis Touchdown being a full-of-himself loser who is a total dork but also an amazingly skilled assassin taking down other assassins to become the best in the world. That right there would be enough for a series, indeed.

But then there is also the shady organization behind this deadly tournament with its own goals. Closely guarded family secrets that become mind-blowing revelations and the outrageous assassins themselves that range from psychotic young girls to baseball stars to masked wrestlers to Russian cosmonauts who still think it’s the 1970s. That’s not to mention the outright referencing and parodying of everything from Star Wars to various other anime to just about anything worthy of a good send-up.

No More Heroes done right might be one of the most joyously gleefully over the top straight up absurd shows in recent history so let’s hope it happens soon and is done right.