10 video games that would make great Netflix animated series

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There are actually few games more suited to be made into an animated series full of wacky, off-the-wall adventures than Psychonauts, and with the series making it’s significant return with a long-awaited full-on proper sequel (maybe) finally coming our way next year, there also seems no better time to make a show based on it.

The premise pretty much sells itself. We follow protagonist Raz and his telepathic friends as they journey into the minds of friends and foes alike finding out secrets and mysteries while traveling through whatever trippy subconscious reality the character’s mind has created for itself. Is it a neighborhood filled with terrifying milk delivery men? Is it a huge dance party where everyone is invited? Is it a terrifying meat circus? In the right (or very wrong) mind it could be all those things and more!

Ideally, since Psychonauts is about a 10-year old boy who should be attending a camp for psychic kids but is also part of a secret spy organization you could go back and forth between the two because both the kid and adult characters are incredibly entertaining and neither should be given the short shrift.

Psychonauts is one of the most natural fits for an animated series, so it’s likely just a question of when (especially with Double Fine recently being acquired by Microsoft) not if it becomes on and likely on Netflix.