10 video games that would make great Netflix animated series

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Forget high school where it’s kinda rough, and there are thugs around every corner, what about a high school where it’s a deadly murder mystery with no escape and the students are held hostage by a psychotic robot teddy bear (or is he) while the outside world may or may not have become an apocalyptic wasteland?

Granted, there have already been anime series based on the Danganronpa games, but those are pretty terrible. Ideally what we would get is a show that’s more of a loose adaptation of the series as a whole. You can base it on the first three games, and that can be the foundation for the first few seasons or mix it up a bit. I would use the basic setting and premise and mostly wholly new characters with a couple of familiar ones thrown in so that fans don’t know what is going to happen next.

It would be violent. Gleefully, gruesomely, over the top violent in keeping with the rather gruesome murders and executions the series is known for. The themes of hope and despair in a constant battle are pretty universal so that would carry over as well.

In my opinion, the worst part of the games is the minigames in the trial sessions so remove those and have the drama where everyone suspects everyone else and is interrogating each other to see who dies and who survives. It’s a devilishly clever game series that would work well given the proper treatment in an animated format.