10 video games that would make great Netflix animated series

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A lot of the best games, books, tv shows and media, in general, are ones that completely subverts your expectations and few games in the last decade have done that better than Undertale. You might be tempted to say on the surface it’s a reasonably charming ode to 16-bit RPG cult classics like Earthbound, but even only a little bit into the game it’s evident that there is so much more to it than that.

There is the incredibly clever meta-narrative that could be explored as to the whole nature of violence and killing in video games, that could certainly be interesting and give the series a unique hook.

Independent of that, however, Undertale itself is also just a cool universe filled with interesting characters. You don’t even really need for some young human to fall into the world, an animated series could totally be about these characters and what their lives are like, maybe with a little meta-commentary dropped in here and there.

A Netflix animated series based on Undertale could go a lot of exciting directions (could be whimsical, could be incredibly dark, etc.) and be one of the most thoughtful and subversive series out there if done right, so let’s hope it does happen and it’s everything it could potentially be.