10 video games that would make great Netflix animated series

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A lot of Celeste‘s appeal is in contained within it’s hard as nails platforming elements (though it also gives you the option to make them much easier if you choose). However, there is a deep enough story here that you can entirely throw that portion away and still have a compelling series.

At its heart, Celeste is about a young woman, Madeline, trying to overcome self-doubt, anxiety, and depression by conquering a mountain. Sometimes to the extent that those feelings manifest into a physical form and try to stop her from succeeding.

It could be a fantastic series merely based on that alone, but the game also has a great supporting cast that can be further explored, and beyond tackling the mental issues, uncovering the great mysteries of the mountain while scaling it is a great way to expand on the game’s initial premise as well.

Celeste contains universal themes about learning to be ok with who you are, how there isn’t really a magical fix for any mental issues but that’s ok and hey, there’s also a big mountain to climb that will change who Madeline is from where she started and provide lots of exciting adventure along the way. If that’s not the recipe for a great series, I don’t know what would be.