10 video games that would make great Netflix animated series

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Netflix wants to make bad video game adaptations a thing of the past, and they are on the right track thus far. Here are 10 games we’d love to see in animated form on the streaming service.

With the streaming service arena set to become exponentially more crowded than ever, it’s pretty clear that everyone is trying to leverage exclusive content on their respective services, be it legacy stuff people have loved for years (or even decades) or completely new things that catch audiences attention. Netflix, pretty much the premiere name in streaming services as of right now, has plenty of original content coming out almost weekly, but one area, in particular, that seems to stand out: Video game adaptations. Specifically in the form of animated series.

Video game adaptations, movies, animated TV shows or otherwise have an incredibly rocky history. It would be hard to say any have been classics; most have been completely abysmal. However, Netflix hit it right out the park with an outstanding adaptation of iconic video game series Castlevania and has plans for Devil May Cry, Dragon’s Dogma, Cuphead and more. Why stop there, though? Here are 10 more game properties that would work well as animated series for Netflix:

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Dead Cells

On the surface, sure; a series based on a game about a guy who makes a random run through dungeons and keeps dying doesn’t sound like much of a show. However, just beneath the surface of the gameplay is incredibly deep lore that is hinted at and could easily be explored in the context of an animated show. The developers even talked about what the basic plotline of Dead Cells at the most recent Game Developers Conference and it sounds like something you could take a lot of places.

The main protagonist would still be The Prisoner, and he could still die — a lot. Maybe that would even be the crux of the series to start; he dies at the end of if not every episode, every few episodes. But with every death comes knowledge and experience that gets The Prisoner that much further the next time out until he reaches the point where the game ends.

It could easily be a limited series or something that goes on for several seasons or even eventually past where the game ends. There’s a surprising load of possibilities for a Dead Cells animated series, and it would be a unique show for Netflix.