Pokemon Sword and Shield: Two more Galar gym leaders, committee


Pokemon trainers have already met Galar region gym leaders Milo and Nessa in previous previews for Sword and Shield.

Both gym leaders have received love from the Pokemon community and it has led to folks wondering what other gym leaders they will face in Galar.

In a trailer for Sword and Shield, two more gym leaders were confirmed for the game. There’s a catch in that these new gym leaders are exclusive to different games.

One leader is Bea, a fighting type expert and exclusive to Pokemon Shield. The other is Allister who specializes in ghosts and can only be fought in Pokemon Shield.

Bea’s biography describes her as a prodigy in Galar karate and is known for her stoicism and “very rarely shows her emotions. “It seems her battle style remains very precise, even when she’s backed into a corner!”

The trailer didn’t show any of Bea’s Pokemon, but trainers can expect some tough partners from her end. Bea joins many Pokemon gym leaders who specialize in fighting types like Chuck, Brawly, Maylene and Korrina.

Image via Pokemon Company

As for Allister, he took up the mantle of training ghost Pokemon at a young age. His bio describes him as “extremely shy and fearful, and he always hides his face with a mask when around other people. He rarely makes public appearances and apparently spends most of his time around ruins or in cemeteries.”

Allister’s name may be an illusion to Aleister Crowley, an English occultist and ceremonial magician among other things, and he kind of looks like Creepypasta character Jeff The Killer.
Allister has a Mimikyu for one of his Pokemon. This also confirms Mikikyu’s appearance in the Galar region.

Image via Pokemon Company

This is an interesting way of dividing the gym leaders between the two games. However, completionists may be a bit miffed at the idea of having to buy both games to defeat every gym leader.

Bea and Allister were not the only new characters revealed for Sun and Moon. Two new figures, Chairman Rose and Oleana were introduced.

Image via Pokemon Company

Rose acts as the chairman of the Galar Pokemon League and is the president of a business. According to his bio on the website, he is responsible for utilizing Dynamax for gym battles.

The chairman kind of reminds me of Shaun Gilmore from Critical Role, though the idea that he owns a business and uses Dynamax may reveal he has sinister side to him.

Oleana is Rose’s secretary and vice president of his company, responsible for its day-to-day operations. She is known for being calm and collected.

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Trainers can expect the whole roster of gym leaders to be revealed close to Sword and Shield’s release date. There’s also a chance that developers will make trainers learn the other gym leaders during their own journey in the Galar region.