Spider-Man Game Awards: Ranking the best parts of Spider-Man video games

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Best Boss Fight

  • Doctor Octopus (Marvel’s Spider-Man)
  • Wolverine (Ultimate Spider-Man)
  • Kraven the Hunter (Xbox version of Spider-Man)
  • Deadpool (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)
  • Carnage (Ultimate Spider-Man)

Winner: Doctor Octopus

With such a prestigious rogues gallery this franchise has seen, the single best boss fight is one of the most important awards of all. As it turns out, it was also one of the most difficult to decide on. Not only were there plenty of other memorable battles that didn’t make the cut, but each of the five final nominees each has a case for claiming the prize.

Kraven — although disappointingly only available in the Xbox version of the game — is a worthy challenge that features traps befitting of his character; the fun of fighting against Carnage as Venom is pretty self-explanatory; Nolan North voices Deadpool; and seeing the surprise appearance of the gritty Wolverine just under an hour into the game nearly sent me into a cardiac arrest on my first playthrough. They’re all phenomenal.

But while it may be obvious to give Insomniac Games’ entry — which is essentially like the Roma of this awards feature — credit, there’s no doubting how fantastic the final confrontation with Doctor Octopus is. It features the all-new Anti-Ock suit and delivers as cinematic an experience you’ll find in not just superhero games, but video games of all ilk and kind.