Spider-Man Game Awards: Ranking the best parts of Spider-Man video games

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Best Unlockable

  • Symbiote Suit (Ultimate Spider-Man)
  • Play as Green Goblin (Spider-Man)
  • Anti-Ock Suit (Marvel’s Spider-Man)
  • Blade (Spider-Man: Friend or Foe)
  • Vintage Comic Book Suit (Marvel’s Spider-Man)

Winner: Play as Green Goblin

Worthwhile collectibles are one of the core features that many of the best Spider-Man games share. With such a lengthy history, there is plenty of source material to work with. This often results in a plethora of unlockable costumes, which — while always a welcome treat — are relatively ubiquitous throughout most games in the franchise, so it takes a lot to have one that stands out among the rest.

The Anti-Ock suit is worth mentioning since it was an all-new creation from Insomniac Games, while the Vintage Comic Book Suit looks fantastic. I also included the Symbiote Suit from Ultimate mostly because I wanted to justify to myself that the copious amount of hours I spent finding every hidden token in the game was worth it.

Then, two unlockable characters stood out: Blade and Green Goblin. The former may be from the admittedly mediocre Friend or Foe, but anything that gives you the chance to pretend you’re Wesley Snipes is a win in my book (and should be in yours). However, the ability to play through the entirety of the Spider-Man movie game with a vastly different playstyle remains the coolest unlockable in a game I’ve ever played in this franchise.

You can ride on your glider, throw pumpkin bombs, and even be treated to some alternate dialogue as you journey on a quest as Harry Osbourne trying to find out more about his father. It’s like a mod, except actually part of the game. How rad is that?