Nintendo Switch: 10 ports to look forward to for the rest of 2019

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#7. Dragon Quest Builders II

As much as portable consoles can be great for lengthy classic RPG experiences, the other thing they are most known for is being ideal for shorter experiences. Either short games or games that are good for a quick session, but get tedious if you play them for too long in one sitting.

The original Dragon Quest Builders is such a game. It’s long, no doubt. But it’s not a game that’s enjoyable to play for hours at a time. It’s a game best experienced in shorter sessions where you do a quick run, get some resources, get one or two goals done and you are out. After an hour tops, it starts feeling incredibly repetitive but kept to shorter sessions (i.e., 30-ish minutes), it’s an incredibly addicting game that can keep you coming back for a couple of dozen hours.

The same will hold true for Dragon Quest Builders II one assumes, it’s just the nature of the gameplay. It’s simply not designed to be a game you rush through in 8-12 hour sessions over a few days. It’s more akin to Animal Crossing where the pace is much more chill and not about how fast you can progress. Just come in for a spell, have a good time building, maybe fend off some monsters, and you’re out.

I usually don’t feel it’s worth firing up my PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for something I’m going to play for less than an hour, but for something like the Nintendo Switch, that’s perfect, and that’s why it’ll be the best platform to play Dragon Quest Builders II on when it comes out July 12.