Nintendo Switch: 10 Exclusives to get excited for during the rest of 2019

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#2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

One of the other reasons July is a humongous month for the Nintendo Switch is that it is getting tons of RPGs. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is one of them, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is another (and yes, there are at least two more just not exclusive to Nintendo Switch).

Unlike another long-running series mentioned earlier on this list, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is taking advantage of the fact that it’s on a new console to change up its formula in new and exciting ways.

Firstly, the long-established “triangle” system ( sword users have an advantage over axe users, axe users over lance users, and lance users over sword users, etc. with magic being neutral) is, for all intents and purposes, gone. You play as a custom character and there is more open exploration (though the game is not open-world). Some of these features have been in previous titles but not all in the same title, so this is a first in that way and also potentially a “best of” of features used throughout the franchises’ history.

Finally, though they are more prevalent as of late, an excellent turn-based strategy RPG is still tricky to find, and Fire Emblem almost always delivers on that front, so I am very much looking forward to spending dozens of hours with it on my Nintendo Switch starting July 26.