Nintendo Switch: 10 Exclusives to get excited for during the rest of 2019

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#4. Pokémon Sword and Shield

It’s finally time. This November, the Pokémon finally moves to a significantly more powerful console than any other platform the core games have been on. It’s a big moment. Finally, one of Nintendo’s most popular series is harnessing the most technical prowess it’s had access to.

For that reason alone, it should be the biggest Pokémon game yet, right? It’ll look better, move faster, have a more dramatic flair and hopefully quite a few new features to not only improve the quality of life in the game but also maybe change up the well-worn formula.

Well, the 15-minute direct dedicated to Pokémon Sword and Shield, the first new entry on the series on the Nintendo Switch, did show some welcome features that are long overdue (no random battles, Pokémon actually in the world making it feel like they are part of everyday life).

Excitement might be tempered just a tad as Sword and Shield don’t truly take advantage of the Switch to really do anything drastically new and so what we are left with is another iteration on Pokémon instead of something genuinely new. It’s like if Breath of The Wild was a top-down adventure game.

But millions of people love Pokémon, it’s a system-seller, and this brand new entry will certainly move Switch units this Fall. Nothing’s wrong to sticking with what works, but for those of us who were hoping for something new to draw us in either for the first time or after a long absence from the series, it’s a little disappointing.

For those millions of fans that devour every entry though, they have a reason to be very excited to catch ’em all once again on the Nintendo Switch come November 15.