E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we might see: Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo sure loves mining the Wii U library to sell games again on the Nintendo Switch. And they should, they’ve brought over some incredible games that deserve to find new audiences on a much more accessible platform.

The Wii U didn’t have a tremendous amount of games so yes by now what’s been worth porting to the Nintendo Switch has mostly been mined. Still, there remain a few titles that would be great to see saved from Wii U obscurity and brought to the Nintendo Switch.

Out of those few that are left, it does seem like the strongest candidate would be Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch. There are several reasons for this. It’s a first-party Nintendo game for one, it’s also criminally almost forgotten Mario game by sheer nature of it being on the Wii U, but the recent Nintendo Direct focused onSuper Mario Maker 2 may be the biggest clue that Super Mario 3D World is bound for the Nintendo Switch.

During that direct, Nintendo showed off a mode based all around Super Mario 3D World specifically. That makes it seem natural that they would release the game on Nintendo Switch to help promote that as people aren’t nearly as familiar with it as other game styles featured in Super Mario Maker 2. I hope it happens, as Super Mario 3D World is absolutely a wonderful game that deserves a shot at a new audience and hopefully that happens at E3 2019.