E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we might see: Pikmin 4

I’d put the odds of seeing a new Pikmin game at about 50/50, but that’s a higher chance than I’ve given it in the last few years, so maybe we’ll finally see a new entry in this charming strategy series during Nintendo’s E3 2019 video presentation.

Pikmin 4 was announced a long time ago and has reportedly been in development since 2015. If Nintendo does announce a new Pikmin game at E3, I don’t necessarily see it being a 2019 game, but possibly an early to mid-2020 game.  The catch here is that it’s well-established Nintendo doesn’t often show games that are still that far off, but every now and again they will break with that and give us a tease of something we can look forward to that still isn’t coming out for quite a while.

What would a new Pikmin need to be nowadays, though? Would a proper Pikmin game you could play on the go be enough of a novelty? In all honesty, probably. It’s been six years since the last proper Pikmin game. I think if you give people a game where you lead Pikmin around a small world and have them fight beasties and solve puzzles, that’d be more than enough because we don’t get new entries in the is series very often.

So it’s possible we will see a tease for Pikmin 4 for Nintendo Switch during Nintendo’s E3 2019 video presentation; it’s just that I would not expect the game to come out in 2019.