E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we will see: Animal Crossing

I can only think of one reason so close to E3 2019 that Nintendo would give both Super Mario Maker 2 and Pokémon Sword and Shield 15-minute presentations focused entirely on those games. It’s clear that the big title they want the spotlight on at E3 2019 (and that will get the most time during the video presentation) is the new Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch.

Confirmed to come out in 2019 (and I’m calling it now as a December release, Nintendo seems to put out one big title in December almost every year), literally all we’ve seen about Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch is a logo. Nintendo’s E3 2019 video presentation is the prime event to give us our first look and real details about the game.

I want a good look at Animal Crossing for Nintendo Switch for sure. What I don’t want is 25 minutes or more of what is at most a 45-minute video presentation of the game like they did with Smash Bros. Ultimate last year. Give it 10-15 minutes then do more during the Treehouse stuff and maybe do a Nintendo Direct down the line closer to release that is dedicated to it much like with Super Mario Maker 2 and Pokémon Sword and Shield. 

Nintendo has a lot of exciting stuff at least supposedly coming out in the latter half of 2019; it would be better to show off a large variety of games during their E3 2019 video presentation and show that rather than take up the vast majority of the time with Animal Crossing and give people the impression they don’t have much else.

I’m very excited for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch; just don’t overdo it with an overflow of information I don’t need right away.