E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we will see: Town

That other new RPG from Game Freak, you know, the new IP with the very generic name? Oh yeah, Town. Another game we saw for the first time a few months ago and only got the briefest of ideas of what its about. Town is a new RPG from the developer primarily known for the Pokémon series, and it seems to be an attempt to break from that formula and try out something new with some very different ideas.

In Town, you fight monsters … in town. Towns are typically thought of as a safe haven from monsters in RPGs; enemies are almost always relegated to fields outside of the town. Towns are where you rest, stock up on equipment, get info, etc. You don’t usually fight monsters.

Game Freak’s Town takes place in one town that was formerly peaceful, but now is being attacked by monsters which you must defeat (with some help from various villagers) while uncovering a closely guarded mystery.

In its initial unveiling, it wasn’t gone into much how the mechanics of Town work and how they are implemented. The game is due out in 2019 however so we should get a further exploration of it (at least a new trailer and maybe a more thorough demonstration during Treehouse sessions) during Nintendo’s E3 2019 video presentation.