E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we won’t see: Metroid Prime 4/Bayonetta 3

Another E3, another year we won’t be seeing anything from these two highly anticipated titles. Metroid Prime 4 is not showing up and may be a few years away with the state the game is in right now. It seems like whatever was being developed before was not working for whatever reason and Nintendo pulled Retro Studios from whatever they had been working on (which despite making the first three Metroid Prime games was not Metroid Prime 4) and are essentially building it from scratch after several years of development had already happened. It is reasonably apparent we will not see anything from Metroid Prime 4 at E3 2019. We might not see anything on it till at least E3 2021 with how things seem to be proceeding.

I think we will see Bayonetta 3 sooner than that, but not at this year’s E3 showing and most likely not in 2019. It’s not in the same development hell as Metroid Prime 4 (to our knowledge) but much like that game, we’ve basically only seen a logo thus far and nothing else. This leads me to believe it is still early in development. Too early to be shown publicly.

In addition to seeing absolutely nothing in over a year and a half on Bayonetta 3, the last thing anyone from Platinum Games said about it is that they were trying a new approach, different from how they developed the first two games. This certainly seems to suggest them taking their time and doing something that might take longer than you would expect. Could Bayonetta 3 be out in 2020? It’s possible but not in 2019, and I don’t think we’ll see anything on it during Nintendo’s E3 2019 video presentation.

There’s what you will, might and won’t see from Nintendo at E3 2019. In my opinion, Nintendo has an incredible line-up for the remainder of 2019, and with Sony and Microsoft both focused on the next round, this is their year for the taking. Next year might be as well as Sony and Microsoft will just be gearing up for their next generation while Nintendo will be several years into theirs and just pumping out quality software on a fairly regular basis.

What do you want to see from Nintendo at this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune in all the Nintendo stuff happening over the week of E3 but especially their video presentation which is Tuesday, June 11 at 9 am PT.