E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we won’t see: A more powerful Nintendo Switch

Will we see a new Nintendo Switch model at E3 2019? It seems possible. A more powerful model of a Nintendo Switch though? That seems incredibly unlikely even if one were to exist.

There have been reports of a more powerful Nintendo Switch model in development, and those reports likely get fueled by the fact that yes, the Nintendo Switch is an underpowered system that for the most part can’t handle certain games, especially most modern third-party games.

However, if that model exists, I don’t see it coming out this year, and I doubt it does exist.  The few times Nintendo has come out with a model of a console that has exclusive features or extra processing power, those only get taken advantage of by at most a handful of games and never sees wide adoption for use. The reasoning for this is pretty simple; developers have to develop for the lowest common denominator. The games just won’t sell otherwise. And a cheaper model of a thing that pretty much does all the same stuff but games might not look quite as nice but will still run on will always massively outsell the more powerful, more expensive model.

I honestly think the only way a new, more powerful model succeeds is maybe by phasing out the original and the new, powerful model becomes the standard with perhaps a cheaper second option. That may happen at some point, but not this at E3 2019 and probably not this year at all.