E3 2019: Nintendo predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we won’t see: Super Nintendo Games for Nintendo Switch

Maybe someday we’ll see Super Nintendo games available on the Nintendo Switch in some fashion, whether it’s part of their online subscription program or they sell poorly emulated versions to us. Maybe someday, but not today, and not at E3 2019.

Nintendo has too much of a history of being oddly conservative with its retro catalog. They have drip fed Nintendo Online members mostly forgettable NES games for months on end. They never really gave the Virtual Console the effort and care it needed to really work on the Wii or Wii U (especially the Wii U) and that’s never coming to Nintendo Switch (though if you want to play old games on the Nintendo Switch there are literally hundreds, just not ones made by Nintendo).

Additionally, Nintendo at E3 for the last several years has been a very tight experience without much extra fat on it. They show off a handful of games, make one or two announcements, and that’s it. The video presentation is never that long; they didn’t even talk about NES games when they revealed Nintendo Online at E3 2018, so they aren’t going to do it at E3 2019.

Again Super Nintendo games on the Nintendo Switch may happen at some point, but it almost definitely won’t be this year and it will certainly never been mentioned or discussed at E3 2019 and probably not at any future E3 either.