E3 2019: Ubisoft predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we might see: A new Nintendo/Ubisoft collaboration

Do you know what has been great about Nintendo for the last few years? Loaning out their established stable of popular characters to other developers that put them unfamiliar but incredibly fun and cool settings.

One of the best examples of this was easily Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, an enjoyable and amazing turn-based strategy game for the Nintendo Switch. That was two years ago, though, and we haven’t seen anything since in terms of a new collaboration between Ubisoft and Nintendo.

Much as I’d love (and honestly probably be happy with) a new Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle game, there’s such a world of possibilities between the various IP of Ubisoft and Nintendo that if they were to team up again (and they should), a straight-forward sequel, even a good one to a great game, seems like wasted potential.

What if we teamed Link with Sam Fisher? Kirby with Rayman? Inklings with Ezio? The possibilities are kind of endless. Heck, have Nintendo design a Prince of Persia game, give them a run with a Ubisoft IP.

If you were to do another turn-based strategy game, make it more like Project X-Zone and have a whole host of Ubisoft and Nintendo characters team up in one game, that’d be amazing.  I don’t think the partnership was a one-time deal for sure so hopefully, we’ll see some new collaborative project between the two companies at this year’s E3.