MLB The Show 19: Five best pitches to use in Road to the Show

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The knuckler may be the most deadly pitch in MLB The Show 19. It’s highly unpredictable, the break is ridiculous, and the velocity is mind-bending.

It’s a nightmare to hit, and if you have a position player in Road to the Show, and you’ve faced a knuckleball thrower, then you know exactly what I mean. The thing can break in so many ways, and will easily fool you into thinking that it will stay in the strike zone.

The pitch can have a mind of its own at times, so it can sometimes be difficult to control. However, the movement of the pitch is so mesmerizing that it’ll easily get dudes swinging outside the zone if the ball does so.

It’s also one of the few pitches that you can throw consecutively, effectively. With a fastball for example; it’s probably a good idea to avoid throwing it three or four times in a row, as a batter can catch on, especially if you’re playing on “Legend” difficulty.

A knuckler, on the other hand, can be used more times than not, as long as you don’t throw it down the middle all of the time. It is the ultimate ankle breaking pitch, and it very well may be MLB The Show 19’s best when you’re using a pitcher in RTTS.

Honorable Mention

Curveball – The traditional curve may arguably be the most popular pitch in baseball aside from the fastball. The best bet is to keep it low as much as possible, and if you can do that effectively, then the curveball can be a very solid pitch.