MLB The Show 19: Five best pitches to use in Road to the Show

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Sweeping Curve

Imagine the combination of a curveball and a slider, with a tad bit more speed. That’s mostly what you get with this hidden gem of a pitch known as the sweeping curve.

If you time this thing right, you’ll see it dip a little bit and slide outside at the same. Yes, normal curveballs can be a pitcher’s best friend, or a hitter’s meal ticket, as it is a popular home run pitch for batters.

But, the sweeping curve adds a little more speed than a typical curve, and the swerving of the pitch can catch players off guard. You can throw it anywhere, essentially, but it may be best to keep it low.

It can be especially deadly after throwing a good breaking ball for a strike such as a changeup or a traditional curve. As mentioned, changing speeds can be critical to your success on the mound in Road to the Show, and going from a slow pitch to a fast-breaking pitch can be devastating.

Don’t be afraid to throw it higher at times however, as the sliding of it can hit the edges of the strike zone, which can be tempting for hitters. All in all, this is terrific pitch to use in MLB The Show 19 that might be a bit overlooked.