E3 2019 preview: Xbox predictions, rumors and expectations

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What we might see: A new Fable

Fable might be one of the greatest examples of a game series that tried a lot of really ambitious and interesting ideas but failed at executing most of them well. A lot of that ultimately falls on Peter Molyneux and his crazy promises surrounding this series. Still, the series as a whole had its charm and it would be interesting to see a Fable game with the spirit of the series intact (particularly the humor, which is very lacking in fantasy RPGs as a whole) but without a Peter Molyneux at the helm.

It certainly seems like we are going to see this at some point. It’s been widely reported that a new Fable game is in development by Playground Games. That might seem like an odd choice as Playground Games is widely known for the Forza Horizon series, but if studios didn’t get to try things outside their usual lane we’d never have gotten Horizon: Zero Dawn or Marvel’s Spider-Man. So why not allow a team that’s got a solid history of making a series that’s critically acclaimed to try something new?

Will we see anything of this new Fable at E3 2019? It’s likely, but I wouldn’t say it is a certainty. The new Fable is definitely a next-gen project, and all reports have pointed to it still basically being in the earliest phases of production, possibly still in the conceptual phase with nothing to really show on a stage.

Maybe we just see a conceptual teaser and a logo but no actual footage. Maybe we’ll see nothing because while Microsoft certainly wants to go big this year, they might hold just a couple big titles back that are still a ways off. Fable would certainly fall under that category.

I give this a really good chance of showing up at this year’s E3 but still have slight nagging doubts. Given we have no clue how far along it is and the place the series is in after the last couple of efforts, Microsoft may want to wait to give it a proper re-introduction. With so many other big things being shown this year, they may simply not have the proper space for a new Fable.