E3 2019 preview: Xbox predictions, rumors and expectations

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Halo Infinite
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What we will see: Halo Infinite/Halo TV series

Whatever Halo Infinite is, it’s likely still years away. And if Microsoft was going with a more subdued showing this year, I wouldn’t actually expect anything new.

Word is that Microsoft’s show will be one of their biggest ever, if not their biggest to date, and they are bringing every big gun they’ve got. It’s possible Halo Infinite will be wrapped into the presentation of an example of what the games you’ll be playing on the next generation Xbox console will look and play like. Maybe it’ll be another cinematic trailer that tells us more of the story and setting of Halo: Infinite. Either way, I don’t think Master Chief is sitting at home for what is reportedly going to be a huge show.

There’s no question that Halo, while still a popular franchise, has lost a little of its luster with the last couple of entries (and the train wreck that was The Master Chief Collection when it launched). New generations of consoles are often new chances for franchises to have a fresh start and hopefully, that’s what Halo Infinite is.

Microsoft should be wary of promoting any sort of TV show after they initially had a whole division planned that just quietly folded. But the E3 2019 presentation still might be a great place to show us at least a concept trailer for the Showtime series based on the Halo franchise which is set to start production this year.

The way this could potentially be blundered is promoting the show while showing absolutely nothing of the upcoming game. If you do both in short order, they would likely benefit each other leaving people pretty excited about both rather than wondering if either is taking longer than expected or a troubled production. Expect to see something out of both of these properties featuring everybody’s favorite helmeted spartan (who we probably won’t actually get to see with his helmet off in the actual game) at Microsoft’s E3 2019 presentation.