E3 2019 preview: EA Play predictions and expectations

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What we won’t see at EA Play

With EA having already announced what will be showcased at the show, there were quite a few notable absences from the list. Here are a few things that you probably shouldn’t expect to see throughout the day, and possibly throughout the week of E3:

Anything from BioWare (like Anthem)

To say it’s been a tough year for BioWare is probably the understatement of the century. As mentioned earlier, Anthem proved to be a critical disappointment and failed to meet EA’s lofty financial expectations (even with surprisingly decent digital sales numbers.) Not to mention that it became an unholy PR nightmare between miscommunication and silence towards its community and multiple horror stories of the game’s development.

With July’s “Cataclysm” update having just been detailed, don’t expect the shooter to have a big presence this year, or any presence for that matter. Maybe the Cataclysm event will be playable, but it doesn’t seem like it right now.

The same goes for the studio’s Dragon Age-related project that was teased late last year.

No Need for Speed news

Any chance of a new racing game being unveiled at EA Play bit the dust when an official EA blog recently proclaimed as such. It’s not clear what exactly Ghost is working on in regards to the now-25-year-old racing series, but it’s been stated that the game is”built upon the essence” of the series, keeping cars and player-friendly customization in mind.

The new game is still scheduled for a 2019 launch as of this writing.

No Battlefront II news

Speaking of which, EA bigwig Ben Walke also confirmed that no announcements or updates for Star Wars Battlefront II will be at EA Play. The game is still receiving a surprising amount of support, with prequel content and cosmetics making their way in just recently.

It’s entirely possible that a Battlefront III is on the horizon, but it’ll require more than a hyperspace jump and use of The Force to even be hinted at this year.

No Command & Conquer Remaster news

Finally, don’t expect to hear a peep on the Command & Conquer front just yet. With the remasters of the PC strategy classics just being announced late last year, it might be a while before we get any sort of first look at what’s being done.

Those are my predictions. What do you expect EA to show off during E3 week?