E3 2019 preview: EA Play predictions and expectations

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What we’re sure we’ll see — Sports!

Yes! Everyone’s favorite part of EA Play should be more than expected to be back in full force at this year’s event. EA Sports is still a monolith of the genre, and they should have plenty to show off.

For one, Madden NFL 20 should have a much large presence with (hopefully) an emphasis on showing off gameplay. This year’s game is coming out much earlier than normal, which means what we see here might be close to the retail product that launches in early August. It also promises new things such as improvements to Franchise, a new career mode and some tweaks to make stars on the field feel like stars. Expect lots of footage of the game to be floating around YouTube or even Twitch during the week of E3.

What’s more unclear are the other sports games in EA’s chamber. FIFA 20  will be shown, but little about the game has been released thus far. EA recently highlighted some improvements inspired by the fans, but EA Play will possibly contain a proper reveal, release date and even a date for a demo.

FIFA 20 is slated for the 11:00 a.m. PT slot and will be followed by Madden NFL 20 at 11:30 a.m. PT on Saturday, June 8.

NBA Live isn’t scheduled for this year, however, and it’s unclear as to if a new game is coming this year. Live 19 was seen as an improvement for the series and could be even further expanded upon with a new iteration. If last year was any indication, either the NBA Draft or NBA Awards show could be where we get any sort of announcement for a new game.

Meanwhile, news on the NHL series will most likely have to wait until the NHL Awards show on June 19, where a cover athlete and trailer are also more than likely going to be revealed.