Pokemon Direct: 5 things we hope to see on Wednesday


Here are five things that we hope to see revealed about Pokemon Sword and Shield at the upcoming Pokemon Direct this Wednesday.

A Pokemon Direct has been scheduled for June 5, this Wednesday, at 6:00 a.m. PST. Pokemon has stated that they will be revealing more information on the upcoming games, Pokemon Sword and Shield. We are stoked to see what new announcements will be made, so here are the five things that we hope to see Wednesday!

1. The release date

The most exciting part of the new games will undoubtedly be playing them, so naturally we want to know when we will be able to do so. While it is likely that the game will release sometime in November, like the last few core series releases, there is always a chance we will see something different with generation eight.

2. The new legendary Pokemon

Ever since generation two, the legendary Pokemon have appeared on the covers of the games, and been central to the plot and theme of the games. The Pokemon generally are related to the titles, for example, Solgaleo represented the Sun and Lunala represented the Moon in Pokemon Sun and Moon. It will be interesting to see what these Pokemon will be with the games being named Sword and Shield.

3. Other new Pokemon

The legendary Pokemon get special preference here, but we are still excited to see what other new Pokemon the Galar region will bring into the mix. We have already seen the starters, but it will be exciting for us to see what they might involve into. It will also be cool to see other new Pokemon that will be encountered in the wild.

4. New features and mechanics

Every new generation adds more to the world of Pokemon. In generation seven, we saw the introduction of z-moves along with the removal of HM’s. Gyms in this generation were also replaced with trials. It will be interesting to see what is new to the Pokemon series here, especially since this will be the first core game on a console that isn’t strictly handheld.

5. A new gameplay trailer

We got a small teaser trailer when Pokemon Sword and Shield was announced earlier this year, but we want to see more from the new games. A gameplay trailer would give us a lot of insight into how the game will look and feel on the Nintendo Switch. This will also continue to build hype for a game that we are already extremely hyped for!

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Regardless of what you are most hyped for, you will find out soon enough! Make sure to like and follow Viridian Forest for all the latest news and information on Pokemon. What do you hope to see from the Pokemon Direct on Wednesday?