The most practical Pokemon party to have in the real world


Everyone who has played Pokemon has probably dreamed of having one in real life, here are the ones that would be the most practical to have.

At some point, every fan of the Pokemon series has probably wondered what it would be like to have a Pokemon in real life in the real world. While this thought may be appealing, some Pokemon just would not be the best partners to have. On the other hand, some of the creatures could be very practical partners. Here is a great all around party of these!


Lapras is iconic for its ability to ferry trainers across water. This would be a great Pokemon to have for traversing bodies of water. It would also be great for sightseeing and playing with on the water. Every trainer should have a good water-type Pokemon to help their travels.


As important as sea travel is, the ability to fly is even more valuable. While there are an abundant amount of flying Pokemon to choose from, only one of them grows bananas too! Tropius makes flying through the sky just a little bit more flavorful than other flying types, unless you don’t like bananas.


With sea and sky travel covered, it only makes sense to have a great land mount. Arcanine is known for being extremely fast, and it would surely provide its trainer a great means of getting around on the ground. It has the benefit of being able to start a fire as well, making him the the goodest boy without question.


Sometimes you just need to get somewhere really fast, and that is where Abra comes in. This little guy is known for teleportation, and could give you a lift when you are late for work or a date. There are other candidates for this job, but Abra would definitely help you out the most on a date because it is one cute little creature.


Transportation at night can be dangerous, so its nice to have a light around. Ampharos once lit up the whole sea in generation two, so it can be trusted for providing a powerful light in the darkness. Having a Pokemon that can provide electricity is bound to have additional uses as well, just make sure to take good care of it if it gets sick!


Sometimes in life you need to lift heavy objects, and there is no better Pokemon for this job than Machamp. It has four arms full of muscle and if you ever need help lifting or moving something, this is the best possible option. Machamp also provides the added benefit of being a great body guard if things ever go drastically wrong. This Pokemon is bound to be useful in a pinch.

Photo: Pokémon The Series/The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo Photo Courtesy The Pokemon Company International

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These are not the only practical Pokemon to have, and everyone will have their preferences, so be sure to share yours with us below or on Facebook or Twitter!