Same Old War – This year’s Activision shooter entry is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, per report

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Developer Infinity Ward is going with the name you know as this year’s Call of Duty is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The Call of Duty series has pretty much always been popular, but it’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare that really made the franchise the massive phenomenon it is (arguably in part because it was one of the first FPS games to really successfully break away from the glut of shooters set in World War II).

Since that time, the Call of Duty series has gone to many different periods. Future, near future, the past (even back to World War II once for Call of Duty: World at War), but haven’t returned to the Modern Warfare franchise since 2011.

If they were to return, there might be a bit of a naming confusion. A new Modern Warfare would be the fourth entry in that series, but also the first Modern Warfare was the fourth Call of Duty game. So what do you do? Call it Modern Warfare 4Modern War4our?  Or some other somewhat silly naming convention?

Well, it seems like in 2019 Activision and developer Infinity Ward are indeed returning to the franchise that moved them to the top of the FPS shooter pack. This year’s Call of Duty has already been shown to some select individuals (namely specific influencers) and unsurprisingly the name for the latest entry has leaked out.

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  • It is simply titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Which will not only be confusing but is arguably the safest and most boring yet still kind of ridiculous naming convention they could’ve gone with.

    This year’s Call of Duty game is a “soft reboot” seems heavily inspired by Modern Warfare 2, promising a single-player campaign that has moments that will supposedly be emotional and troubling.

    The controversial “No Russian” mission that opened Modern Warfare 2, where you gunned down civilians in an airport (you are an undercover CIA operative and must do this to maintain your cover and help prevent a much larger catastrophe) is specifically cited as an inspiration for the game’s campaign.

    The naming convention is rather silly, but naming conventions in entertainment, especially video games, often are. There are honestly more significant questions at work here. Will returning to Modern Warfare be the shot in the arm this popular but steadily declining franchise badly needs?

    In today’s climate, how will campaign missions supposedly inspired by things like the “No Russian” level, which was heavily criticized at the time, be received? Will Activision claim their game about warfare in the modern era isn’t political at all?

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    The new Call of Duty will reportedly be unveiled to the public soon (maybe at Microsoft’s E3 presentation in just a couple of weeks?) so we’ll hopefully get some answers then.