Detective Pikachu: 5 Pokemon we want to see in live action


Detective Pikachu showcased some of our favorite Pokemon in live action for the first time ever, here are some Pokemon we would have loved to see.

Detective Pikachu has been out in theaters for a week now, and most fans have had an opportunity to go see it. Even those who have not yet seen it have surely seen all the artwork from the film. The first ever live action Pokemon film gave us a look into what Pokemon may look like in the real world, but there are literally hundreds more Pokemon that did not appear in the film. Here is a look at some Pokemon we wish we could see in live action.

5. Togekiss

This flying/fairy-type Pokemon is the final evolution of Togepi. It would be cool to see how its egg-like sheen would be designed in live action. It would also be interesting to see whether this Pokemon had fur, feathers, or if it was more like a hard egg shell. Whatever they chose to do, it would certainly be a cool Pokemon to see.

4. Blaziken

This fire chicken has one of the most unique designs in all of Pokemon. Its birdlike appearance along with its red and white mane would be interesting to see brought to life. It would probably have a combination of both fur and feathers, but perhaps it would just be different colored feathers. One thing is certain, it would be a sight to behold.

3. Chansey

It is somewhat shocking that this iconic Pokemon did not find her way into Detective Pikachu, but she would certainly be cool to see. It is likely that Chansey would have pink fur similar to Jigglypuff, along with the iconic egg carried in her pouch. Even if it is not that hard to imagine what she would look like, she would be a pleasure to see.

2. Milotic

Milotic evolves based on how beautiful Feebas is, and is known as one of the most beautiful Pokemon. This Pokemon would be awesome to see brought to life. Its precise eyelashes and colored scales would certainly be pretty. It would likely be seen in water as well, which was an area that was not explored very much in Detective PIkachu. 

1. Dragonite

The original dragon-type Pokemon was nowhere to be found in Detective Pikachu, and that has left us wanting more. Dragonite is one of the most unique and cool Pokemon out of Kanto, and would surely make for a majestic sight in a live action film. If there is ever a live action version of Ash’s journey through the Pokemon world, we will surely see this Pokemon more than a few times.

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Given the success of Detective Pikachu, it is almost certain that we will see more live action Pokemon movies in the future. Which Pokemon would you like to see in future live action films?