5 Pokemon games that every fan of the series should play


Here is a list of the five Pokemon games that every fan of the franchise should play and the reasons that they stand out above the rest.

There is no shortage of Pokemon games to play out there, but like every other franchise, not all of them are created equal. When it comes to a franchise as renowned as Pokemon, almost all of them are worth playing, but some simply stand out above the rest. Today, we are going to take a look at the five games that every Pokemon fan needs to play.

5. Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon

While these games are certainly not the most prestigious games in the series, they are the most recent. Fans who want to stay current with the core games will need to play this before Sword and Shield arrive later this year. Aside from currency, these games added many features that greatly improved online play and the quality of life in the games. They are definitely a must-play for any Pokemon fan.

4. Pokemon GO

Almost everyone is aware of Pokemon GO due to the hype it got around its release back in 2016, but not everyone has tried the game. This game is very different from the core series games, and even the spin-off games, and makes use of locations in real life that players must go to in order to catch Pokemon, get supplies, and battle. Everything from catching, leveling, battling, and evolving is quite different, but the game is unique and provides a great way to get some exercise and get out while playing.

3. Red/Blue

These were the first Pokemon games ever released, and every player should experience the franchise’s humble beginnings. These games are easy for players to get their hands on, and can be downloaded for only $10 American on the 3DS. While the experience is not quite what it used to be, these games are still well worth the investment.

2. Pokemon Stadium

Many older players may have fond memories of playing this game in their youth, and many younger players have probably never heard of it. It has an abundance of fun game modes and features, and was the first game that showcased 3D battles. Players could battle gym leaders and the Elite Four from generation one, as well as each other. The game also features mini-games that can be played with friends. This game is not easy to come by anymore, but its definitely worth playing if the opportunity presents itself.

1. Heart Gold/Soul Silver

These remakes of generation two are currently the highest priced Pokemon games on the market, and for good reason. Generation two has widely been regarded as the best generation, and Heart Gold and Soul Silver took those games and improved on them with modern graphics and mechanics. While these games are certainly outdated nowadays, they are worth every penny.

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Unfortunately, not all Pokemon games are currently playable due to console restrictions. Hopefully, Nintendo will make ports for the older games on newer consoles. As of right now, make sure to check out the games that you can, assuming you have not already played them. What games do you think that every fan should play?