Sekiro difficulty meme has taken the internet by (creative) storm

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For some reason, one Twitter user’s grandiose (read: garbage) take on Sekiro and video game difficulty has seen all kinds of video game fans memeing them.

Even though I usually find video game memes funny (although rather uncreative and iterative), sometimes the stars align and the funny video game fans come together to pour their hearts into dunking on other video game fans that provide downright cringe-worthy, self-aggrandizing takes on the state of gaming. Sekiro and difficulty options just happen to be the boiling point this week.

In response to an article about someone beating Sekiro’s final boss using video game cheats and feeling okay with the results in fully learning the story (who cares), Fetusberry on Twitter responded with a diatribe worthy of /r/atheism’s all-time enlightenment monologues.

“You cheated not only the game, but yourself,” they decried while pushing up their glasses. “You didn’t grow. You didn’t improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing.” It had been a while since most of us had heard something so lacking in self-awareness that it struck a cord with video game Twitter.

At first, people started to interchange the words relating to anybody cheesing their way through any situation in pop culture.

Some examples saw working in the original game’s dialogue and mixing it with the joke.

Some took the joke completely outside the world of video games, poking fun at some “cheating” moments in cinematic history.

However, some of the more creative types were also quick on the trigger, with Akfamilyhomeak elevating the meme game to a new level; integrating it into actual video game gameplay.

Luluubuu followed suit, showing that no video game franchise is sacred.

However, this Sekiro difficulty meme finally reached new heights when video game companies started incorporating their own video games into the joke.

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Manipulating game files for a video game meme shows extreme dedication. Though it’s time for the Sekiro difficulty conversation to move on, at the very least we can joke about the extremely sanctimonious people who are Way Too Earnest Online difficulty justice warriors.