MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Ken Giles, Toronto Blue Jays Closer Credit: Sony
Ken Giles, Toronto Blue Jays Closer Credit: Sony /

Closing Pitcher

Grade: A

Yes, the ninth inning pitching warrior known as the closer gets the coveted A grading and I’m sure you’re asking “why?”. Well, for starters, it’s one of the most satisfying positions in the game because finishing off dudes in the ninth is fun.

Another benefit that gets overlooked is the fact that games are much quicker in Road to the Show by being a closer. You come in in the ninth, slam the door and lock it; then you’re on to the next game.

Certainly, if you’re a player who likes to take your time, then maybe closer isn’t the best thing for you. However, if you want a fair balance of enjoyment, and pace while having the pleasure of being the guy who can bag up wins, then it’s a great choice if you enjoy pitching.

Either of the three archetypes is just as perfect for a closer as they are for a starter (Flamethrower, Plain Filthy, and Control Freak). Certainly, being a Flamethrower, aka, the “Arm of the Gods” is a fun choice if you want to strike guys out with the heat.

But, all options work beautifully. You just have to think about if you want to force ground balls or strike guys out.

Unfortunately, if you want to play as a middle reliever, then you won’t be able to, as it is not an option when creating your player. However, I will briefly mention that I would’ve given the middle reliever position an A+ rating for a few reasons.

You’d be able to play through games quickly, while also still be able to get an extra inning or two in there, as opposed to a closer where you typically get one inning. Another reason is that if you get drafted by a National League squad, the chances are that you’d have opportunities to bat as well.

So essentially, you’d get the perks of a starting pitcher, but in a lesser amount of time. Therefore, middle relievers deserve the perfect score if it were an option, but being a closer is a great alternative pitching choice.