MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays Starting Pitcher Credit: Sony
Blake Snell, Tampa Bay Rays Starting Pitcher Credit: Sony /

Starting Pitcher

Grade: A+

Arguably the most critical position in all of the American team sports, the starting pitcher is a beast of a position in MLB The Show 19. It’s the one position where you play in every inning, depending on how you perform.

Plus, similarly to being a closer, your schedule will be sped up because you’d be pitching once every four or five days. It’s the one position in the game that allows you to do essentially everything.

You can strike batters out, make defensive plays, throw no-hitters and perfect games and even get base hits and home runs. Even if you’re pitching for an American League team, you’ll still get your share of opportunities to hit during road interleague games.

And as mentioned before, all three archetypes work great with the starting pitcher, and although there are only three of them, they’re all terrific. Flamethrower and Control Freak bring the heat and the breaking pitches respectively.

Plain Filthy is essentially like The Anomaly, but for pitchers. Chris Sale is one of the side comparisons for this archetype, and Sale is known hard-throwing fastballs and mind-bending breaking pitches as well.

No matter what you choose, being a starting pitcher gets overlooked, but it’s arguably the best position in Road to the Show. The fact that you can accumulate stats in almost any category, whether on the mound or at the plate is astonishing and fun.

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Sure, it could take a little time to get better with the bat, but it’ll be worth it. Imagine being a pitcher, hitting six to 10 home runs in a season while still putting up monster numbers on the mound as you coast to a Cy Young worthy season.