MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Lorenzo Cain, Milwaukee Brewers Center Fielder Credit: Sony
Lorenzo Cain, Milwaukee Brewers Center Fielder Credit: Sony /

Center Fielder

Grade: A

Center field is one of the more versatile positions in MLB The Show 19 and is a good choice for the Anomaly archetype in Road to the Show. There’s potential for a little bit of everything when playing center field.

You couldn’t go wrong with being a power or contact hitter here. If you want a dose a speed, then you can possibly roll with Small Ball at this position.

This would not only benefit you on the base paths but defensively as well. Since center field covers so much ground, it may be good to have a decent amount of speed so you can reach more balls in play.

Most importantly, playing defense at centerfield is a lot of fun because you have so much grass to work with. You essentially own the outfield, and you can have a balanced player at the plate as well.

Both Small Ball and Anomaly work well for centerfield. However, you will gain build up your speed and fielding attributes much faster with Small Ball.

But, if you want to be a home run threat at the position, then going with Anomaly is a solid choice. Your power attributes will be one of your main strengths.