MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Curtis Granderson, Miami Marlins Left Fielder Credit: Sony
Curtis Granderson, Miami Marlins Left Fielder Credit: Sony /

Left Fielder

Grade: B

Ah, we finally made it to the outfield. Left field in MLB The Show 19 is yet another power friendly position for Road to the Show.

Left field is one of the favored options for Pure Power archetyped users, and it’s fitting since many of the position’s players in real baseball are power heavy. You may also have the option of playing Designated Hitter as well, similarly to first base.

Other than Pure Power, arguably the next best archetype option for left field is Mr. Utlity, which allows you to be a more balanced player with the bat. So overall, you have a fair hitting choice when picking left field.

However, playing defense may not be as exciting, as you aren’t going to have many opportunities to throw runners out, due to an awkward location. You also won’t have a lot of room to make some cool plays out there, especially with the center fielder nearby.

In the end, left field is still a fair option for you home run bashers and contact hitters out there.