MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs Third Baseman Credit: Sony
Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs Third Baseman Credit: Sony /

Third Baseman

Grade: A-

Third base, also known as the “Hot Corner” is a very balanced option for MLB The Show 19 players who choose to be power oriented. As with first base, third base is a favored option for the Pure Power archetype.

It’s also favored for “Rock Steady” as well, which is a solid choice for those who want to focus more on plate vision, and the ability to hit in the clutch. There is also a fair amount of defense that can be enjoyed as well.

When on defense, be prepared as ground balls coming at you hot like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos so this will test your reaction abilities. It’s what helps make playing third base exciting, because, you never know when you need to make that quick play.

Whether it’s executing the perfect triple-play, or making the nice diving catch, you can be put on your toes with the glove. If a rich combination of power and defense is your thing, then third base is a great choice here.