MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Carlos Correa, Houston Astros Shortstop Credit: Sony
Carlos Correa, Houston Astros Shortstop Credit: Sony /


Grade: A+

Arguably the most popular position in the infield, shortstop is another well-balanced position like second base. The thing that makes playing at short so great is that you’ll have opportunities on the defensive side, while also getting in a chunk of at-bats.

Another thing is that it is one of the favored positions for one of the best archetypes in the game; The Anomaly. This archetype’s major strengths include power and speed, with speed being the strongest attribute to start.

When choosing a shortstop, this archetype can be quite beneficial. You’ll be able to rack up home runs and stolen bases if you play your cards right and you can make some big defensive plays.

Speaking of which; playing at short defensively is fun because there will be plenty of opportunities where the ball will come your way. This also opens the door for numerous highlight reel plays such as making a dive or throwing from deep in the hole.

All in all, shortstop is a well-balanced position that combines speed, contact, defense and even a little bit of power — a strong position choice for MLB The Show 19’s Road to the Show.