MLB The Show 19: Grading each position in Road to the Show

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Ozzie Albies, Atlanta Braves Second Baseman Credit: Sony
Ozzie Albies, Atlanta Braves Second Baseman Credit: Sony /

Second Baseman

Grade: A

Second base is one of the more versatile positions in MLB The Show 19. Almost every aspect of your game can be dangerous, including speed and contact.

It’s a fun position to play on defense, as you will get many opportunities to turn double plays and get that the fielding percentage up. If there is one weakness at second, it’s that power won’t be a major factor, as the Pure Power archetype doesn’t favor second basemen.

That said, you will have enough power to hit home runs in double digits with relative ease once you get comfortable with the controls. Speed is also your friend here, especially if you decide to roll with Small Ball as your archetype.

However, as you can imagine, your power will be extremely weak by choosing Small Ball. The reward here is the boost you’ll get in speed and fielding among other things.

You can also settle with Rock Steady, which is a well-balanced archetype, favoring for second basemen. Whatever you choose for an archetype, bag number two is a solid choice.