MLB The Show 19: Road to the Show continues to improve

Credit: Sony San Diego
Credit: Sony San Diego /

MLB The Show 19 was released on Tuesday and with it comes a new and improved Road to the Show game experience that fans will surely enjoy.

Ahh, Spring is in the air, and you know what that means; baseball season. More importantly, that means that the latest installment of Sony’s baseball gaming franchise, MLB The Show 19, is out and ready to be played by millions of baseball fans.

For a sports video game nut like myself, I have lost the enjoyment in playing baseball video games in recent years. I yearn for the days of MVP baseball where I could create my own stadiums, but this year MLB The Show has me hooked for one reason, Road to the Show.

Road to the Show is the popular career mode where you create your own playable ball player and try to rise to the Major League’s and become a star.

Right from the start, you can notice a difference. While creating your player you are in your bedroom. When you pick your nationality, you see your country’s flag hanging above your bed. When you pick your player prototype, certain trophies appear on your bureau.

There is something to note about player prototypes this year. Last year’s game made it so that certain attributes were capped, but now the prototypes only affect how you start. If you are able to play very well, all stats can hit the 99 maximum.

While you are creating your player, you will also notice another major change. Last year we saw player conversations enter the game, but they didn’t have any effect. Now you have to put thought into how you say what you want to say.

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  • MLB The Show has personalities broken down into four categories; Maverick, Lighting Rod, Captain, and Heart and Soul. So now during cut scenes what you say can affect certain skills you acquire or relationships with players.

    Now once you get to playing, things continue to be great. As you can expect the gameplay is so smooth. The graphics are amazing, and Sony does a great job of capturing the feeling of being in a ballpark. A small touch like hearing someone scream to go for 2 through the controller makes a big difference.

    A key difference in Road to the Show gameplay is the introduction of challenges. At certain times in a game, you will be approached with challenges that vary in difficulty. The harder the challenge, the greater the rewards which are attribute progression. The game inside a game ensures that things stay interesting.

    MLB The Show is taking notes from other sports games and applying the best aspects of career modes to Road to the Show. If they continue to improve the game mode will become the best in the entire business.

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    I have only gotten a few hours of gameplay in, but I can already tell you that Road to the Show is worth the investment.